Bodnaruk wins the hit of the round

Michael Stöttinger, President of the Austrian Chess Federation and organiser of the event, personally opens the second round of the Eva Moser Memorial at Palais Attems in Graz before he has to leave the city for a few days.

The highlight of the round is an attacking victory by the reigning FIDE World Rapid Chess Champion Anastasia Bodnaruk against the Elo favourite Ekaterin Atalik. In a Caro-Kann Advance Variation, Bodnaruk gains an early advantage and is able to extend it. When her pieces decisively penetrate her opponent’s king position, Atalik resigns on move 30.

The Italian Marina Brunello is also victorious against Nikola Mayrhuber and Jasmin-Denise Schloffer against Denise Trippold. Two encounters ended in a draw. Four players are ahead in the table with 1.5 points each. The third round will take place tomorrow Tuesday at 3.00 pm. (wk)

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