Daulyte-Cornette wins the tournament, WIM norm for Schloffer

French player Deimante Daulyte-Cornette wins in the final round against Jasmin-Denise Schloffer and secures the tournament victory in the Eva Moser Memorial Tournament unbeaten with seven and a half points from nine games. But her rival also has reason to celebrate. Schloffer scored four and a half points to achieve an Elo rating of 2254, enough for her second WIM norm. The title of a Women International Master is now within her grasp. Tournament winner Daulyte-Cornette praises the perfect organisation and recalls that she already played a tournament in Graz 14 years ago. One of her opponents back then was Eva Moser.

Austria’s Nikola Mayrhuber missed out on a possible sensational victory today against the Russian rapid chess world champion Anastasia Bondaruk, who plays under the FIDE banner. Bodnaruk had to win to still have a chance of winning the tournament and went all out on the attack. Mayrhuber defends well, gets the better position, but the game slips away from her just before the time control. Bondaruk wins and secures second place with seven points ahead of Ekaterina Atalik from Turkey with six and a half points.

Michael Stöttinger, organiser and President of the Austrian Chess Federation, takes over the award ceremony and recalls the great chess events Graz has seen in the past with words of greeting from the ACF Honorary President Kurt Jungwirth. Chess-Ladies Graz 2024 will continue this tradition. „We are very happy about the fighting spirit of the players, in one round there were even five decisive games. Our players were able to measure themselves against the European top class. The norm for Schloffer is well deserved. We are particularly pleased that former Federal Minister Juliane Bogner-Strauß and Graz City Councillor Gerhard Riegler visited our tournament,“ summarised Stöttinger at the end of the tournament. (wk)

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