City Councillor Riegler opens the 7th round

The 7th round of the Eva Moser Memorial Tournament at Palais Attems is opened by Graz City Councillor Dr Günter Riegler. Riegler reveals himself to be a chess fan, makes the first move in the game Trippold vs Mayrhuber and takes his time to follow the start of the games. Michael Stöttinger, President of the Austrian Chess Federation, then presents Riegler with the Eva Moser book by Kurt Jungwirth, Michael Ehn and Markus Ragger as a memento.

There is a fierce battle in the tournament hall, with positions swaying back and forth on some boards. In the end, Deimante Daulyte-Cornette is the only winner of the day. She beats Annika Fröwis with the black pieces and takes the sole lead, as the previous co-leader Anastasia Bodnaruk loses half a point against Chiara Polterauer. Tomorrow, Saturday, at 15:00, Daulyte-Cornette and Bodnaruk will meet face to face.

Styrian Jasmin-Denise Schloffer, who lives in Upper Austria, is continuing her upward trend. Today she managed a well-deserved draw against Ekaterina Atalik. Both players had chances to win in an exciting time control battle. Nikola Maryhuber’s negative streak finally comes to an end today. She drew against Denise Trippold in an Austrian duel. (wk, Photos: Johanna Seiser)

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