Double round on Wednesday

After today’s doubles round, the lead is reduced to a duo. Deimante Daulyte-Cornette and Anastasia Bodnaruk won their games in the morning against Denise Trippold and Jasmin-Denise Schloffer. Both draw in the afternoon and are in the lead after five rounds with four points each.

Austria’s surprise player Schloffer could have been in the lead instead of Bodnaruk. However, after a good game against the Russian, she plundered in an endgame with a knight and pawn. However, she coped well with this setback, defeating a hitherto hapless Nikola Mayrhuber in the afternoon and is in the third place with three and a half points ahead of Ekaternia Atalik (3).

Annika Fröwis wins with Black against Mayrhuber in the morning and, after another draw against Marina Brunello, is Austria’s second-best player with two points. Polterauer and Trippold are on one and a half points each after sharing the points in a direct duel. (wk)

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